Suicide of my son of 26

I am totally devastated and don’t know how my life is going to go on. My son committed suicide five weeks today and don’t know how I’m ever gonna get over it.

Hi limzilegs68,

Welcome to the Sue Ryder Online Community. I’m so sorry to hear that you son died by suicide - that is truly awful.

This Online Community is a place where you can share your feelings and get support from others who are grieving for loved ones.

Here is one recent conversation between annette12 and other parents who have lost a child:
And here is another conversation from a little while ago where Charity and Nina talk about losing a child to suicide:

Feel free to read and reply to those if you feel it may help.

I can also suggest these other organisations which can offer support:

So so sorry for you limi I can really identify with darling girl passed away in October.i cry all the time and miss her so much.i still can’t beleive I will never see her .Well not in this life.i am still in daughter died from cancer.she lived with me all her life she never married she was forty six years old.i hope you will get some kind of relief on here I know I have.i still don’t know if I am going to make it living without her is unbearable.i am currently receiving bereavement counselling.and also physciatric help.i hope you are receiving help too.sending you a invisible hugs.all on here are going through hell.kind regards annettexx

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