My Husband decided to end his life on the 29/9/19 so very recently,I am finding it very difficult to exist and each day is getting worse,we my son who is 20 and I are getting counseling but I am facing a pile of paperwork that I need to get on with in order survive,I’m not good at this and feel unable to cope.I feel I need 1 to 1 help on a daily bases just to get through the day,has anyone advice?

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Oh Antoinette I am so so sorry. My heart goes out to you. My brother took his life last October after the sad death of his wife. Please reach out get in touch with SOBS. It’s a charity for Survivors of Bereavement by suicide.Everyone involved in SOBS has experienced a love ones suicide. I am sure they give 1-1 over the phone, but I haven’t tried that route. I went along to a SOBS group nearby and everyone there is on the same journey but at different stages. Please take care of yourself. We have my brother’s inquest tomorrow which is going to be a difficult day. If you want to private message me, please do.

Hi. I’m new to this, but feel I need to reply as I to lost my partner at the beginning of September also to suicide. I’ve found hardly no support but the best it’s from SOBS I’m hoping to go to one of there groups if there is one near to me.

Regarding the paperwork,have you tried Citizens advice Bureau?They could help you through the minefield.