I find Sundays so hard it’s so lonely I really do not like it. Feel panicky. Grief is an awful thing.

Hi Debonair

You are certainly not alone. Lots of us feel the same. What to do to fill the time? Stay in or go out, just looking for something to distract from the feelings. Wandering around the shopping mall or going to the cinema are things I’ve tried to fill the time but still the emptiness remains. Has anyone else managed to ‘enjoy’ their weekends since their partner died?


Weekends are awful I decided to go to work now on night shift sat and sun work all night sleep til lunchtime. How sad that I have to go to work to get my weekends in.

Take care William

Sunday is the just the worst isn’t it. My brain has too much time to think and goes into overdrive. :heart:

Yeah so many people in the same situation. And yet you still feel alone x

Yeah so many people in the same situation. And yet you still feel alone x

Hi all
I’m the same. I’m staying with friends at the moment and they are brilliant but I still zone out. It’s strange. I don’t want to be alone and then I zone out like in a trance when people are all around me. I just think of Carl, of us, how we were and what we were planning. I suppose being with people snaps me out of it otherwise I’d be in a heap crying sgain. I hate it. Weekends are horrible and as Carl died on a Monday I think of our last weekend together and how lovely it was. It’s geartvreaking and we are all feeling this pain. At least everyone understands. Xxxx