Sunny days

Just want to say a few positive words. Eight months since my husband died suddenly. I was devastated. I empathise with everyone on here. I still can’t believe it. I went through a particulary bad patch three weeks ago. I acknowledged my pain.
I then got out chess set, jigsaws. Every time the pain consumed me, I started these activities, just to move myself on. I also embarked on the biggest curtain sewing project, ever.
I suppose what I’m saying is, acknowledge the pain, wallow a bit, then try some distraction.
The sunny days are helping. I seem to have moved on from pure rawness, to a more fuzzy version of how it was. Still very painful. He wouldn’t want to see me in pain. He’d had enough pain for the two of us.
I also made contact with and joined The Good Grief Trust. Its helped me a lot. Google, or get someone to do it for you. This organisation understands Grief and everything involved. The admin after the death drove me crazy.
Try to reach out to your friends, talk, it all helps.
Where have eight months gone?
Best wishes.


Dear @Gonegirl01

Thank you for sharing your positive post. It will be of encouragement and inspiration to the members here.

I hope you do not mind I have put the link in my comment as to The Good Grief Trust here for those who are not sure on how to use Google or do not have anyone who can do it for them.

Take care.


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Thankyou Pepsi. I deliberately didn’t go into detail re The Good Grief Trust. I’m glad you went further than me though. Its a good thing to know about. Its so difficult, we are all at different stages. Some very raw, some a bit less (or I thought I was!). Just spent last 24 hours messing about with Energy site, then straight on to renewing car insurance. I’ve never had to do it before! I just burst into tears. Not that it was difficult but that it brought back all the early and chaotic days after J died suddenly. It just comes over you in waves. Made headway on a quote for a garden project I am undertaking, attempted to reconnect my doorbell to wifi. So, it all sounds good … so difficult doing all these things solo. I’ve never lived on my own before. Husband ‘knew it all’. Haha.
It really is forcing myself, one foot in front of another. Was going to go for a walk, its freezing outside though. I’m staying in. All, pl keep going, we all very much understand. No, it doesn’t get easier, but at least the days alone are mounting up. I hesitate to say ‘have a good weekend’ but you know what I mean. Keep talking, keep reaching out, you know who your real friends are. X


Know what you mean @Gonegirl01, I have a printer sitting in a box for the last three days waiting for me to attempt to set it up. Not that my husband would have been much help, but at least he could have been there to calm the bad language when it does not go right.
I hope Easter weekend have not been too difficult for you.
Debbie X

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