Support for Loneliness - The Silver Line

I just wanted to add this support service fror anybody who feels lonely and would like to talk to somebody.
The Silver Line was set up by Esther Rantzen after her husband died and she realised how lonely her life had become. She then discovered just how many older people were living on their own and perhaps days would go by without speaking to anybody. It is not specifically for bereaved people - it is there for the older generation.
There are different facilities and the website gives all the information: befriending service and regular telephone calls where you are matched with somebody with similar interests. I have not used the service but have heard good things about it!

This is a excellent suggestion and anyone feeling lonely should try it. Just talking to someone once a week, knowing they are going to call is a life saver. Age Uk do a befriending service which is similar but they visit you for an hour and just chat. There are things out there if you want them, the choose is yours but you don’t need to feel alone or isolated. If this applies to you, please take the right steps and find something that helps.
Blessings S

Hi Carole,

Thank you for sharing this! I’ve heard some really positive things about The Silver Line and how it helps battle loneliness. I didn’t realise that they also do a letter service as well as their phone line - a bit like having a pen pal!

Best wishes,

There is also Forget Me Not which is run through the magazine Yours. The newsletter gives a brief introduction to the person with contact details - so letter/email or even meet-up. Rosemary runs it and is a very kindly lady. Receiving a card/letter in the post can be really nice!