Hi All

I know I’m not on my own. But I really feel as though I am.

I am missing my husband so much it feels like I have gone with him.

To say I’m struggling at the moment is an understatement. Just cannot seem to accept what has happened.


Half of me went with my husband. I can’t see how I will ever feel better. All we can do is take it breath by breath, day by day. I still expect him to walk back in - I can’t/ don’t want to comprehend he’s gone. Sending hugs


Thank You.

I feel for you too. I can definately relate to what you have said.

Thank You for taking the time to respond to my message.

Really appreciate it.

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Hi Sallows, I’m so sorry to read of your devastating loss. Please keep posting on here. Everyone is so supportive and understanding. It helps to know we’re not alone in our grief, even if we can’t fix it.
I also recommend The Good Grief Trust website, there are so many resources, stories, & helpful things on there.
Be kind to yourself during this time. X

Thank You so much. I really appreciate your time in responding to me.

What you put makes perfect sense. I will try The Good Grief Trust website too.

Take Csre x

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