Supporting my son with the loss of his Nana

My mother died 3 years ago after the discovery of a very rare congenital heart defect. My son was 6 at the time and was heartbroken because his Nana was his favourite person. He is now 9 and his mind is starting to question what happened to her. This has led him to become hysterical some evenings with grief which cuts me in two. Does anyone have any advice in how to help him

So sorry for your loss and for your son too. It must be very hard for him. My son was too young to understand at only 2.5 when my Mum passed away in March, but I did buy some books for children to understand about death. They might be too young for your son though, but maybe it’s worth doing a search for books aimed at his age to try and explain it? I also know that charities do offer support and advice to children, sue ryder may even do so. Or maybe it’s even worth contacting your GP to see if there is anything they can suggest? I hope this helps.

When my mum passed away very suddenly last june, my daughter was devastated. My mum lived with us and brought my daughter up with me. My mum had not been ill and her death was a massive shock.
My daughters school offered a group counselling service.
My daughter was unsure if she wanted to participate. She has found it hard to talk about mum and has come through it ‘her’ way but I thought the school program looked brilliant.
I would make enquiries with your school to see if they offer anything similar.

I’m so sorry to hear about the death of your mother and that your son’s grief is returning after three years. It sounds as though it is very hard for you to see him affected like this.

Sue Ryder does have some information on our website about supporting a bereaved child, which you might find helpful.

If you need further information, or to talk things through with someone, the charity Winston’s Wish has lots of resources, and a telephone helpline.

I hope this helps a bit and wish you and your son the best. This online community is here if you ever need any support for yourself as well.

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