Surprising Triggers

@Deb5 I bought one today too as he got out with the last one and I don’t know where it is! I also bought him a ball, a toy and some biscuits! Just booked him into the groomers on Wednesday! I spend more on him than I do on myself! Just working up the enthusiasm to cut the grass! J x

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Obviously not in the south west. Wet and due to get wetter. Not a day for grass cutting.

I know im same , always spending money on her !!! :slight_smile: xx

@Pudding Not so bad here today! Got to take the opportunity when you can. I have a gardener now for 1 hour a week. He cuts one bit of the grass which is up some steps so I don’t have to carry the lawn mower up! Then he does some weeding! I’m going to look into getting rid of the front lawn and widen the drive! Less grass then. I haven’t got a big garden, I just don’t like doing it! Grass is cut now. Only took about 30 minutes or so! J x

I have a silly strip of grass about 1ft wide around the front of the house. Not really grass more green weeds. That is all the grass I have. Rest shale with a few trees at front and pebbles with shrubs and roses at back.

@Pudding My grass also has a lot of weeds. Should treat it really but can’t be bothered. J x

My husband died of a very rare cancer. Leiomylosarcoma in his small bowel. It was inoperable and didn’t respond to two rounds of chemotherapy, which made him so ill. We had little choice but to stop treatment and move into palliative care. He did well once the chemo was stopped. We were told three months and simply didn’t believe it. He was well enough to travel to our home in Spain for a month. He managed walks on the beach and into town. We flew home, planning to return. He died three months to the day.

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Hi panda princess
Thank you for this post. I lost my husband 6 weeks ago and I am finding nearly everything a trigger and I am fearful of the future. He did all of the practical things and that also feels like an uphill struggle . I am angry about all the things we planned to do that I know have to do alone but I have to remember he is with me in spirit and he always said how strong I was and I am holding onto that to get me through. Sending hugs. X