Survey: Dealing with utilities, banking, insurance, etc

When someone dies they leave behind a number of accounts that need to be closed or moved under another name — utilities, banking, broadband, insurance, digital: the list goes on. For the person who takes on this task, it is often repetitive, manual, emotionally draining and stressful - requiring hours to contact each company and weeks to settle all affairs .

Sue Ryder is supporting a campaign for a Bereavement Standard to guide how companies should deal with and support next of kin of customers who have died, with a view to making the system much simpler. Settld, who are behind this campaign, would like to know more about people’s experiences trying to close accounts and deal with these types of companies - they’re asking for your help by filling out an anonymous survey.

Fill out the survey

If you’d like to share your experiences, you have until 9 September to fill out the survey.

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