Sympathy cards

Hello. Yesterday i was tidying up snd started reading some of the sympathy cards i received. They were all so moving and i cried. They had andy’s good points and nit sogood points to a tee. The shared memories of, music, beer and football all reared their heads. Which reminds me, andy was a dedicated fulham fan attending all games home and away. I usually went along even rhough i am an arsenal fan. Fulham are holding a memorial day on 11th February which i will be attending with lots of our friends. Im sort of looking forward to seeing his name and picture on the screen and in the programme. I think its a nice thing that fulham are doing. But it will be extremely moving. Reading the cards made me realise how popular he was. Im going to see him on friday just over a week before my birthday, my first without him . I shall be travelling to spain on my birthday to stay with hus sister for a week. Hopefully we’ll be able to have some fun. As well as sharing memories.


Dear @Camille58

Thank you for sharing your post with the Community. Many of us here will identify with reading the sympathy cards and the effect it has on us.

What an honour and beautiful tribute Fulham are doing on 11 February. Please keep us updated as to how it all goes and travel safe on your birthday.

Take care.