Take me home, country roads

So, here’s the skinny. I am back in the mountains, in the home Tom and I shared for 8 years. It was his, he gave it to me. I am so very lucky. He feels really close here. I went skiing today and started a run and it was lovely. In my head I said “ski with me, Tom” and in my imagination, we skied that run together. The snow, perfect, the sun shining and sky so very blue. Afterwards, I went to a party on a deck a little way away. In the shadow of mountain, in the late afternoon sun. A band was playing and their last song was by John Denver. “Take me home, country roads, to the place, I belong…” I am here because I met Tom. I am here because he loved this place and then he me me and shared it with me. I love this place. I am here because he gave all of this to me. I am so lucky. I miss him more than I can say but I carry his love, his strength, his sense of fun and kindness with me. He has taken me home, country roads. Hold tight, my friends.


I sing Take Me Home Country Roads with the ladies choir I joined after my husband died. It will have a complete different significance after reading your lovely post about Tom. Thank you x

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nothing but love @Vancouver , I am so moved xxx

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@sandi - thank you, my friend x

Hi Vancouver
All sounds lovely and I wish you the best, what an amazing uplifting post. My husband was a Country and Western singer and he sang this song. I can remember him learning it and he sang a lot of John Denvers songs as he had the same type of voice.
You now have this lovely place to remember your husband and I am sure he is with you.
I live in an area with lovely walks and my husband asked me to take him with me when I was out with the dogs. Like you I ask him to be with me and tell him where we are.


Wonderful post as always @Vancouver, thank you.

I too am only in this beautiful village thanks to Richard so I totally get what you are saying. He brought me here (as well as armed burglars but that’s another story)
and gave me the love of his land as well as two daughters who also love this village and the fields. We built this house together and he created most of what the garden is.

I can’t image ever wanting to leave here.
Love to you
Karen xxx