Taking advantage

I apologise in advance for this rant🤦‍♀️ What is it with people taking advantage of peoples grief? Me and my ex from years and years ago were still friends, not close but spoke every now and then to check in. But now everytime he checks on me he tries to talk dirty and flirt and encourages me to move on and says “he wouldnt want you to be single forever” he even said that id make a great wife and mother. Its something me and my partner wanted more than anything and now i cant imagine it, i dont want any of it without him.
Its been 2 and a half months since the love of my life died he was 25 years old and im 23, in my head im still in a relationship because none of this should be happening, none of this feels real. I just dont understand how someone who is supposed to be my friend can try to use my grief and use my boyfriends name to try and manipulate me in to doing what he wants, its infuriating!!


@SJ_c00 . You need to cut off this lech. He sees you as an easy target. either ignore him or if you feel the need to be polite (ha) then just say that until you are ready to move on you need to be left alone. And if he wont take NO as an answer then tell him to b****r off in no uncertain terms.


He needs to be told to go away in short sharp jerky movements.he isn’t the sort of friend you don’t need

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Just be glad he’s been an ex for years and years. He now he needs to be an ex permanently and 100%


@Lotswife It’s actually making me feel disgusting. It feels like people are treating it like a break up and not acknowledging that my world has been torn apart. I dont know how someone can be so awful. The fact he didnt even know him also and hes trying to tell me what he would want is just infuriating

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@Martyn2 This is the third time ive told him to stop it😔 its just out of order

@tykey it is permanent and i wouldnt dream of going back. Its just the fact hes taking complete advantage of my situation its awful

I would seriously consider an injunction against him .as he is a persistent nuisance by the sounds of it

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Just tell him to piss off or you’ll call the police and have him done for harassment dirty sods trying to take the piss I’m so sorry but that’s made me really angry some people have no idea xx sorry for you loss xx

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Well said exactly what I would have done

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