My wife died on October 1st and I can’t stop thinking, crying,miss her so much…and now I’m sitting thinking about Christmas…no more opening presents together, not another kiss and merry Christmas,not another telling off for me for breaking our Christmas limit…the only present opened will be the one I’ve just wrapped for our dog and that just breaks my heart… every day it gets worse…I have no life anymore, just an existence…


I feel the same my husband died in August and I just been watching videos of him opening Xmas gifts last year little did I know it would be our last Xmas together Xmas will never be the same again I’m cancelled it this year haven’t even got dogs a present just no interest in anything I too sit crying all the time. Nothing matters anymore just go through the motions of life .


That’s it, going through the motions… which I don’t want to go through… don’t want to do anything… take care…


I lost my husband in November and dealing with the dark days and nights of winter and Christmas stuff and now it looks like a lockdown could be on the way. It’s all too much and it’s so painful. At least we can use this forum to say how we all feel, we don’t have to “put on a brave face” still , here I go, another day to get through.


I lost my soul mate suddenly 25 days ago and whilst I was in her flat choosing her clothes 2 weeks ago that she was cremated in I found all my xmas presents all wrapped up and with the nicest messages of how much she loved me written on the cards. We had a budget too but I never stuck to it either and by the amount of boxes I know Rachel hasnt stuck to it.

I am going to open them on xmas day as Rachel has bought them and I know it is going to brutal but everything is brutal at the moment . She had also bought presents for her family but they weren’t wrapped, I passed these to her family members this week.

I’m dreading xmas eve and xmas day, these were Rachel’s favourite days of the year but these days will come and go so we will all get through it somehow.


Bless you that must be so hard to do. I can’t even go in Jim’s room without crying so can’t imagine how hard it would be to open gifts your loved one brought. Take care mate thinking of you x

Hi Misprint,

Yes it was very hard but I knew she had got them as she told me the day before she died that was wrapping them. I’ve also got all Rachel’s presents but they werent wrapped.

I hate myself for saying it as Rachel really did love xmas and she was so excited for this years as was I but I cant wait for it to be over.

You’re in my thoughts to misprint, than you, Bryan

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