Terminal illness

Hi I am really struggling at the moment. My mum was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer on 12th December and sadly passed away on 5th January. It all happen so fast and doesn’t feel real.

My mum had, had bowel cancer previously 15 years ago and was in remission. Last March previous to the being of the first lock down, my mum had a ct scan which showed some Mark’s on her lung, she was given radical radiotherapy, which seemed to have cured the problem, my mum had further appointments and ct scans which showed the lung problem had gone.

At the beginning of December my mum started suffering with a really bad headache, sickness and diorhea. After fighting to get some attention from a gp, we managed to find one that took mum’s symptoms serious . He had her admitted to our cancer unit, she had a full head and body scan which showed a number of brain tumours and a large tumour on her adrenal gland. The following day we were told it was terminal and my mum had between 2 days-2 weeks to six months. The speed that the cancer took hold was unreal and she passed away 3 weeks after diagnosis. I am really angry and shocked that she fought so hard previously and won those fights, to just be taken so suddenly

I’m sorry to hear this. Cancer is cruel.
My mum was in remission from leukaemia (only recently) after 7 months in hospital of gruelling chemo when she got an infection in her bowel dueing lockdown requiring an op, she passed 24 hours after her operation, so like you because of the suddenness I struggle to accept its real.

I have no advice, but just to say I get it, the anger and all x

In many ways, though mourning the sudden loss of my own beloved mother, she hadn’t had a chance to begin any therapies, and wasn’t in hospital, but at home, when she died. That is some small comfort.

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