Terrible Weather

Hi, this terrible weather, high winds and torrential rain is making me more aware of how alone we can feel (Probably more so the women). I have been watching it batter at everything this morning, keeping an eye on my garden fence, the greenhouse and praying slates won’t come off the roof. I even moved next doors wheelie bin into their gate as it had been left out and was precariously being blown towards the back of my car.
I am on the Isle of Wight and the Island is being battered having record winds speeds recorded here 104.mph. Ferries off, although two car ferries doing their best but struggling. Roads closed with fallen tree’s and telegraph poles, and wheelie bins blowing across roads. cars having to dodge them. Bus services being affected. Electricity off in some area’s, we are alright at the moment. I have been listening to the local radio who keeps us informed and just this minute heard of roads flooding. Wanted to go into town today but we are advised to stay put.
I have always maintained that we shouldn’t moan about the British weather as it is probably the best in the world. We don’t have our houses or even towns blown away, so what if the garden fence falls over. But being in my house today has made me even more aware of the loneliness and worrying alone. Of being frightened by those high winds and what damage they might do. I have never thought about such things before even during the 1987 storms. When I watched slates flying off roofs, tree’s falling and my car was damaged. Being alone can make us so aware of how vulnerable we are.


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hi Pat.
hope the winds subside very soon and you start to feel safe again.

Hi there Ian, yes today has been a very pleasant and sunny day. Our emotions are so like the weather. Turbulent and frightening one day and calm another day. Let’s hope the calm comes more often than the turbulent.

Pat xx

This is so true, Pat, it is frightening when we hear of the dire weather that people are enduring. I live in South Yorkshire, fortunately we live on a hill, the poor people of Doncaster and Rotherham are really suffering. Take care,


Agree with you Maryl, hearts go out to those people up North. Let us know if any of you are being flooded. Down South everyone is talking about the floods in the North. We moan but are not suffering like these people.
Pat xx

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