Terribly worried about our children.

As many of you will know, I lost my beloved husband of 47 years, six years ago. What I am wanting to ask is this. Does anyone else who have lost their partner, worry themselves sick about something happening to their children or grandchildren. It has started recently with me and I don’t know if it is because they are now in their late 40’s and early 50’s or if it is the pandemic that is worrying me. My main worry is outliving our children and it has been going round and round in my mind such a lot.
I may be overthinking things but my mum lost my dad when she was in her early 50’s and then my young sister died in her 40’s. My two friends have just lost their son from cancer who were in their early 50’s, I just cannot stop thinking about it.
I was laying in bed last night and it was whirring around my head so I got up at 2 am this morning to watch a film.
Love to all.


Since mum died I’m so worried about losing anyone else as my heart could not take the pain. I’m so paranoid about my dad. Paranoid about the kids and husband. Then I worry something will happen to me and my family will feel pain. Life is so fragile and we have witnessed it up close. I think it shakes our foundations.

Yes I’m exactly the same. Only lost my dad last month so very raw but I’m worried sick about my 4 grown up children and husband and mum. Only just managing to cope. My son flew back to Spain where he lives and I felt sick until I knew he’d arrived ok. Especially when I read people that have lost like 3 members of their immediate family within a short time.

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