Text messages

Decided to read text messages that me and my partner sent to each other. Why I decided to do it I don’t know. Of course I cried my eyes out I miss the funny messages we sent to each other and the daft emoji .

Dear Aries, those text messages are special so you hang onto them. One day you will be able to read them without crying but with a smile on your face and even chuckle a little. My husband was never great at messaging although I still have them, they were usually just one word replies! However, I do still send him messages occasionally, on WhatsApp and also attach the odd picture. Sadly no one word replies anymore…

I will always keep them I will never delete his number x

How interesting. I never text, can’t be doing with it. I’m too slow but have a good typing speed so prefer to use that. So my husband and I didn’t text each other but just after he died for some reason I looked at my text messages intending to delete the nuisance ones but instead found three off my husband which he did just before he died and had the strength. Within days I doubt he even knew I was there, or who I was. In all of them he told me how much he loved me and always had and always would. He also thanked me for all I was doing for him. Sometimes I look at those messages but they break my heart, but for sure that phone will never leave me.
Pat xxx

I’m sure the messages will give me some comfort in time. It might make me feel close to him if that makes sense.
Christine x

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