Text support

Hi, I just wanted to thank you so much for your new text support service. I have been using it a week now and have found it to be helpful and interesting. It’s a different perspective in a way. Nothing is ever the “answer” but clearly a lot of thought has gone into how it works.
Malcolm Clarke


Hello @Malc39200, thanks so much for sharing your feedback, and I’m really glad you’re finding it helpful and interesting. I’ve passed your kind words onto our Grief Coach team.

Just for other members who might be reading this thread, Grief Coach is our free, expert grief support sent straight to your phone via text.

We send you personalised tips and suggestions throughout the year with texts that have been curated by experts and customised based on your circumstances.

Nobody should have to grieve alone, so every Sue Ryder Grief Coach subscription also includes gentle coaching for selected friends and family who want to help but may not know how. We’ll text them reminders and tips about how to support the person they care about.

You can sign up at sueryder.grief.coach

Take care