I’ve only been here a short while but I can’t tell you all how much you have all helped me.
THANK YOU :two_hearts:
My lovely husband died 5 years ago just before our 53rd wedding anniversary. I won’t go into my suffering here, you all know what it’s like.
I just needed to say THANK YOU :two_hearts: for all that you have done for me as I read your posts.
The raw honesty here has given me the courage to live my life as best I can. It is my dearest wish that you all can find what I have found here…courage, hope and not least of all love.
THANK YOU ALL :two_hearts:


Absolutely echo this, @Daisyrose - your messages have helped me as have so many from the community here. Thank you, and everyone, on here. Here’s to a Saturday that we can all get through and here’s to one thing that we do for ourselves today, as acts of love, that our lost loved ones would want for us so much. x


We are all here for each other. Glad you find some comfort posting on here it as helped me no end more then my own friends who seem to have all disappeared from radar. It’s a comfort to know we are not the only ones going through this awful journey and can say what’s on our mind without being judged. Xx


Thank you both.
I started this because those two words “Thank you” have helped me to see what I have to be grateful for, it helps to steer me away from all the pain and grief, sometimes only a little but it helps so I wanted to share it with you all. :two_hearts:

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No thank you. I was very unsure weather to even post anything as I thought nobody would even reply. You were the first to reply and just to know someone is listening was a great help.

Dear @Daisyrose

In response to your profile you are of help and support here and I thank you for all your comments and support to the members here.

Your post is positive and encouraging. This is what the Community is all about, support, love, encouragement and a listening ear in our darkest times. We all have experienced sadly a bereavement in our lives and we can use that experience here to others as you have.

Continue posting and keep going the way you are.

Take care.



Thank you @Lfchill29, I’m glad that you have found a listening ear here. We all need one sometimes and although it can be difficult to share our pain I find that the more we express the lighter the load seems to be (for me, maybe not for all). We’re all different and all in pain because of our loss.
Someone once told me that we’re all angels with one wing and we need each other to fly. :two_hearts:

Thank you @Peppers, I really appreciate what you have said.
I have found that helping people makes me feel just a little bit less lost and useless.
I’m so thankful to have found this forum.


Thank you to everyone on this forum who have shared their grief stories so that we don’t feel that we are unique in our feelings of loss. I met 2 lovely e-mail friends when we private messaged each other and we now have contact every day. This way we can all help each other on this journey that so many non- grieving people just don’t understand.
Blessings. x


Lifes so lonely now isn’t it. What a beautiful part of the country you live in one of Jim’s favourite places. It’s heartbreaking :broken_heart: to think our loved ones are gone and we will never see them again . It’s 8 months for me and it still hasn’t sunk in yet . I’m in tears everyday just thinking of the things we shared and the things we will never share. It’s so so sad :disappointed: I wish it had be me that died although in a way I did.