Thanking everyone for their friendship last year.

Just to say that the kindness and warmth received from people I have never met who have now become friends from this site has made the last five months more bearable.

I come back daily for comfort and the warmth of others in the same situation. I wish everyone a peaceful 2017 with whatever it holds for us.


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Hello Mel

Peace in 2017 to you too Mel and everyone else on this site.


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Beautifully put Mel,it’s so true of this site I know it helps me,big hugs to you and peace to you too.x

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Thankyou mel for your kind words over the last few weeks…sending warmest wishes to you and peace and strength for this year…hugs and strength to all on here…thinking of you x

Thank you for your lovely words, Mel. It is so good to hear that this online community has brought you such comfort and friendship.