Thanks Everyone x

Hi everyone… I’ve been coming on here since my darling Craig died from a sudden on 20th March this year. Thank you to anyone who’s helped me - either directly or indirectly - even just reading some of your posts has supported me during this painful journey so far. I’ll leave my account open, but I’m going to be taking a break from this forum because I am absolutely exhausted and, particularly since turning 41 on Wednesday, and my first birthday without Craig, I’ve crashed a bit. As ridiculous as this may sound, I feel so guilty not replying to posts that it’s something I’m not able to deal with, on top of my own agonising grief. I’m sure I’m not alone when I say how awful it is to see no one has replied to someone who’s in desperate need, yet (like many of us) I don’t have the energy at the moment to offer support to everyone and it makes me feel so guilty. I know it’s not ‘my’ job to take that responsibility and I hope this doesn’t make me sound weird or somehow arrogant that I am the only one to help - it’s hard to explain what I mean. But I didn’t want to drift off without explaining why I’m no longer replying etc and without saying thanks to those I’ve made a connection with. I wish you all the very best with life on your unchosen path. Chell x


youve got to do whats best for you,what ever it takes to get through each and every day.sorry for your loss.its a night mare losing the love of your far from coping myself at the loss of my long term partner Jayne we was together 28 years.there are so many men and women on here who are in the same situation as you all trying to get through this horrible life changing ordeal.i pray that you find the strength to get through.regards ian

That’s ok and don’t worry about not posting or answering. Anything that helps you get a bit stronger but don’t forget we are always here for you. Take care Chell.
Janet x

I am so sorry you have chosen to have a rest I hope that when you feel stronger that you will feel you can come back.
I too have had thoughts about leaving the forum but for some reason or other find myself back here again. I find replying helps me but I only reply to the one’s I feel I can help or at least make a sensible reply, (I hope) but we all have to handle grief the best way we can. I agree grief is so tiring a constant battle. Sometimes I feel I’m finding acceptance then I suddenly find myself struggling. This weekend has been one of those times. No idea why happened yesterday afternoon. I am accepting it as part of grief and hope it won’t last too long. Took fresh flowers to Brian this afternoon, all from our allotment. I cried bitterly and haven’t done this for weeks.
Take care of yourself and always pleased to hear from you.
Pat xxx

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