Thanks for the referral

I am going to get some grief counselling organised, I dont want to take medication as seen family members become addicted to anti depressants so hope just talking will help me.


Talking on here is the best therapy. I’m a non believer in taking tablets of any description but if it helps taking them that’s really good. Anything which will ease the pain we have on this grief journey.

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I normally avoid taking pills but I feel I will try anything at lresent


I really hope the tablets help you…definitely worth a try for you

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I am so pleased you got good results & you have been prescribed Anti depressants & talking therapy by your Surgery.I read your posts & l know you have been through a lot.& you are a kind & thoughful person giving support on here.& We need to be kind to ourselves & practise Self Care & take all the help we need.Sending you love & light XXX

So pleased to hear that your Dr. has provided you with talking therapy as I know you are having to wait a long time for your counselling.
I started antidepressants about ten days ago and apart from having a bit of a stomach problem, which has now eased, I seem to be tolerating them.
The Dr. did a follow up call with me today to see how I was getting on and I said that I didn’t know if they were working or not as I still feel more or less the same apart from the fact that I now sleep well. She said they can take up to four weeks to kick in so I have to speak to her again in a month.
I hope you get on well with yours and they help you a bit.
Sending hugs xx

@Alir . The doctor is not following up with me for a month and has said they can make you feel worse before better. They should arrive tomorrow. I hope I escape the tummy upset. Xx

I hope you don’t get any side effects. It’s strange how tablets can affect us differently, but I suppose our bodies are all different and will react differently.
It has been almost eleven months since I lost my husband and this is the first time I have been given any real help. The Dr. did ask if I wanted counselling but I told her I had referred myself in the early days and had had some. I also told her about this site and how it has helped me. She agreed that sites like this are excellent as we are talking to people who know what it feels like and are in the same position. xx

You are not kidding about pills reacting differently. In the early days of my arthritis I was given naproxen. I was great for three days but then couldn’t breathe. Hit by a side effect. Before then I could take anti inflammatories. Not since. Of course the treatment for arthritis is anti inflammatories. I get by with paracetamol but not ideal.

How frightening for you. I take methatrexate for my arthritis but have to have monthly blood tests to check my liver plus other symptoms. I have been on it for ten years and so far so good. I understand why you are in so much pain if you can only take paracetamol, I feel for you. xx

@Alir strangely it is mostly at night with the pain. I don’t use painkillers during the day. My knees just stiffen up. I am glad you have something that works.