The aftermath of a changed life forever

What to do now .with the rest of my life?.or should I say existence.I find myself frozen in and at a standstill.I seem to not have any inclination to go .or try move forward.I want to turn time back.but of course we can’t.I miss my darling girl my heart as dissolved with sorrow.I miss her so much she was my life my friend my confidante my every thing.I still cannot believe it.its so hard to endure .I pray for all of us on this site wish we could all hug each other.annettexxx

Hi Annette12
Firstly I am so very sorry about the loss of your daughter your post resonated with me I lost my husband in February 2016 and I too feel frozen in time, the past being to painful to think about, the future to scary to contemplate so I stay locked in this unbearable present filled with longing that can never fulfilled. Everything feels so pointless now and I too wonder how I am to move forward when I just can’t stop missing him. I have no answers for you as my situation feels equally surreal despite it being 14 months on. I dream about him most nights and he tells me I must let him go but how? I have no joy in my life now if I did not have a child I would choose not to be here but my conscience will not allow that so I move through the day as best as I can sometimes I am anxious and emotional other days I am numb and exhausted I watch people going by enjoying there life oblivious to loss and pain and how I envy them because grief is such an unbearable burden to carry and like nothing I have ever experienced before I not sure you ever really get over it more of a case of managing it, your pain "its always just beneath the surface raw and the profound sadness that will not be denied. I wish inner strength for you and hope that you are able to endure this horrible journey with that strength. xx