the death of my son

how do you move forward after losing my son aged 25 this seems impossible to do

Hello I’m so sorry for your loss. I lost my husband last year and I cannot imagine the pain of losing a child. My mother in law of course lost her son and we talk about him all the time. She and I help each other through our grief by keeping his memory alive.

I have no advice but if you would like to talk about him I am here for you.

sorry for your loss , this seems a night mare i feel you are right to talk about your husband

Della so sorry you have found yourself on this awful journey and have lost your son. There is nothing that can prepare you for such trauma. You don’t say when you lost your son , I lost my son over two years ago and there is a thread on here called “loss of our son 27” which I have found very helpful. So many bereaved mothers and fathers at different stages of their grief. I am sure you will find lots of help reading through the many posts . if you search the many “losing a child” conversations you might find someone at the same stage as you. Anyhow keep posting, you are never alone on here and sometimes just knowing that, when you are in the darkest place, helps. I am often on here in the early hours of the morning to as it’s so hard to stop your brain whirling sometimes. Only those on the journey can really understand the journey so you have come to the right place.
For now just keep breathing and do what you need to do, scream, cry, eat , don’t eat, stay in bed, don’t stay in bed ,talk, don’t talk , It’s your journey do it the way you need to, there is no map, no time limit . It is such a hard journey . Take care. Jess

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Hi Della i too like jess lost my son over two years ago he was 25 .all what jess says is how .just baby steps .our children will always be in our heart pockets :heart:

Hi jess how are you .the pain never goes away but we learn to cope a little better we miss our boys like it was yesterday why was we dealt this cruel card.always think of you big hugs zoe :heart:

thank you this is a long tiring journey this time of the year it seems 100per cent i have bought all my family christmas gifts but i can not buy a gift for Alec heart breaking

It really is heartbreaking when did you loose your son . Was he poorly just come on here say anything this site has been my saving grace theres always someone to talk too xx

Hi Zoe , I was thinking about you when I mentioned to Della that there might be someone in the same place on the journey, as i feel there is then that extra connection . We were both broken at the same time and both lost our wonderful boys. This is our 3rd Christmas and oh doesn’t it knock you back, all the songs and decorations like a dagger in your soul. I admit I have been crying uncontrollably again, trying to hide it from everyone . Just another Christmas to get through, I will lay a place at the Christmas table for him though , and lift a glass as usual. It seems 2 steps forward one step back on this journey Never for a moment forgotten . I think the grief is in every atom of our being now, just waiting and hoping to see him again. Hugs Jess Xxx