The first coffee

Another night gone the darkness seeps in throughout the house the emptnes of the years to come the sorrow and the longing for what has gone and yes envey of those that wake next to someone I miss that first morning kiss that conversation of the day the warmth these are the things I miss. The smell of coffee as he makes the first cup of the day the noises of the house as he moves round it. Just empty silanss in the morning that semes to stretch forever these are the things I miss


Me too Cj13, me too :heart:

I hear you CJ :cry:

I feel exactly the same CJ13

I lived with my Mum, as her carer for 23 years. I miss so much of our day to day life together. Even the things that irritated at the time. She always wanted to chat away when I was half asleep first thing in the morning. Oh, how I’d love to hear that chatter now. She always woke up feeling immediately fresh and alert. The memories bring tears to my eyes.

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Hi Daffy
I get you completely. You dont entirely realise at the time you need them as much as they need you. What i wouldnt give too to be wakened by mum in the night again and constantly needed during the day. People think life as a carer is hard and it sometimes is but this is a million times harder. Sending hugsx


I know how you feel. My husband used to get up early to make my packed lunch for work. He would go outside and warm my car. He didn’t work due to having cancer, but he was always there for me. He did the shopping and was always happy to see me come home in the evening, asking about my day. Now I go to bed alone, wake up alone, and the loneliness is unreal. But I am told time will heal which I hope is true

I understand totally. The ‘ night night hb.’ From me. He used to reply.’ Night babe’ Holding hands until we fell asleep. Now with COVID, no hugs from grandchildren, no indoor visits. It’s just a lone old world.

I know exactly how you feel. My home is now just a house. It feels cold and empty. I can only hope for you and myself, that time will heal

The hardest thing for me before lockdown was the lonely walk home from being out in the evening. I have even been to the cinema on my own. Putting the key in the lock and going in. No one is there to talk about the evening with. No one says , “did you have a nice time? “ and then there is the marital status. When I tick, “Mrs” I feel a stab in the pit of my stomach.