The good times are over

Just managed to drag myself out of bed. Got dressed and cup of tea now sitting thinking of all the good times we had and that’s it no more. No more walking in the sunshine holding hands,no more laughing at his jokes, no more chats before bedtime or morning cups of tea in bed together. Oh how I wish I could have it all back . This is no life filling my days with meaningless tasks and trying to survive for what nothing there’s nothing left to do these things for. My friends have more or less abandoned me now getting on with there own lives. It’s only been 4 months since jim left me and I’m really struggling to manage without him my heart is in pieces :broken_heart: . Oh I have dreadful dreams when I do sleep and wake up crying. My house feels like a prison but I can’t move I’m trapped in this black hole and I’m spinning around and around I can’t escape.


You have wrote just how I feel,we are on the same time line my husband passed away 16 weeks ago tomorrow,I’m completely broken,it’s devastating to lose the one person in life who you trust completely,never lived on my own before feel so vulnerable,anxious
I to have to drag myself out of bed,not sleeping well,not eating well I miss him so much its painful can’t be bothered to do anything feel like I’m a different person used to be so busy

Take care

Christine x

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Today is not a good day first time I’ve been on my own, I took the dog for a walk and broke down in tears when I saw this little robin appear out of nowhere, nothing will ever be the same, I will never be the same and even though I get up every morning and go through the motions, I can’t feel anything but despair and wretchedness, I think we are lost souls misprint and nothing can replace the massive void that our husbands have left, maybe we need to be kind to ourselves it’s only a few short months since they passed which is nothing in the grand scheme of things, the pain of grief is inescapable, it has to be suffered it’s the cost of our great love with our other halves, thinking of you xx