The guilt monster

Hi all,
This is another video i stumbled on which, like the sudden death one I shared yesterday, helped me make sense of things. I feel tremendous guilt which comes in waves, and while my rational self believes i did my best at the time, my grieving self feels very differently. No amount of reassurance alleviates it.
Again this might not be for everyone but it may strike a cord with others. She talks about ‘magical thinking’ and the relationship between guilt and its role in denial.
Its by no means a quick fix, nothing is, but i find understanding the whys makes me feel a wee bit less lost.
I hope this is helpful to someone. Xx


Dear @Stillhiswife

Thank you for sharing the video and I am glad it has been of help to you.

Take care of yourself.


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Thank you so much for posting this link. I’ve dipped in and out of Good Grief before and have always found the site helpful, with practical and compassionate advice. Despite the fact I’ve sobbed all the way through the video, I feel comforted to know that what I feel is not as uncommon as I might have thought. It is somehow less isolating and I’m now feeling drained as my current wave of grief has started to ebb.
My condolences to you @Stillhiswife and may you too feel some moments of comfort and peace on your healing journey. Take care.