The Hole

…can’t believe that 6 months has gone…it is not any easier…in fact it’s getting worse as reality kicks in…sending love to everyone on this forum…it’s been a massive help to me…:heart:

This is how I feel tonight…:revolving_hearts:

Six months ago, a hole appeared
It grew from everything I feared
The hole came from a missing part
That space used to contain my heart

And now the hole is deep and wide
I’m feeling empty deep inside
I simply can’t accept the fact
I’ll never, ever get you back

People say that time will heal
But to me this isn’t real
For every day that passes by
What I have left just makes me cry

The life we had we lived as one
That life dissolved when you were gone
Now I must carry on alone
With half of me inside that hole



Your words are so true.I lost my lovely husband last September and I seem to be going backwards…I have tried so hard to overcome everything but it’s a mammoth job.I send you hope and hugs


It is hard but we can only take it a bit at a time. I have done well this week … not cried as much … but still feel fragile and hurt … sometimes i can be fairly happy - but i still miss him and hes never far from my thoughts … just remember baby steps ! My bereavment counsellor said that we go.through this grieving process and theres no way around it. Take care xx


@Deb5 I am so glad you are making a little progress that’s all we need isn’t it just not to feel so desperate 24/7.I have just started a new course of 12 with a counsellor I am speaking to her today. I had counselling with Sue Ryder earlier in the year for 6 weeks she was very nice and it helped me but I slipped back afterwards.She couldn’t do more as they are so busy.
Thank you so much for your words of support ,we must keep going.
Hugs Annx


It is now 9 months since I lost my husband,
I don’t cry as much but do have anxiety and stress I don’t know how I have got this far
Without him ,
I thought it would get easier but I miss him more each day,
I visit his grave twice a week,
I have his clothes in the wardrobe, cannot even think of getting rid of them at the moment,
I have our anniversary in September which I am dreading then October it will be 12 months since Dave passed
Sorry to everyone on here who have lost their loved ones ,
Take care


I know exactly how you feel Sue I so wish I could say I am Little bit better since Sep but I am actually slipping backwards and am feeling distraught.I can’t believe that I am alone and miss him so much.
All the kind people on here say that it will get better a little bit at a time .
I hope we can succeed one step at a time.
Hugs Annx


Thank you for your kind words Ann ,
Big hugs to you,
Sorry for your loss
They say time is a great healer but it’s just not
True ,and the 1st of everything without our
Loved ones is so difficult,
Take care
Sue x

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Hi Sue thank you for your reply.I don’t know if you feel the same as me but I am so upset I can hardly come on here as I am finding it hard to put into words how I feel.
It is so terrible isn’t it .Some video of Zekis funeral was on my iPhone sent to me by a friend and it was in a photo stream Apple told me to move it somewhere as photo stream is being removed on 26 July.I did move it but seeing the funeral again was so sad and almost surreal like I’m looking at somebody else’s funeral I honestly can’t believe I will never see him again.It’s like I’m on another planet.
I keep going backwards but I know I have to go forwards somehow.So I will keep hoping and I hope that you will too.
Hugs Annx

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Hi Ann ,
It’s so difficult to carry on ,know how you feel,
Missing my Dave so much today ,
I don’t sleep very well
I cannot remember much about my husband funeral ,
I go visit his grave twice a week that is my way of coping,
Some days I feel like I’m in a bad nightmare
And want to wake up and it’s not true ,
Take care of yourself
Big hugs
Sue xx