The loss of my husband

How do I cope with the loss of my husband after being together for 27 years. Any advice would be much appreciated

Hi Louise,
We all know how you feel, the struggle of getting through each day without our husbands, it’s the most painful, awful thing we have to live with.
Next month is one year for me losing my husband and I’m struggling, keep thinking this time last year was the last few weeks of his life.
All I can say is keep chatting on here, it is a lifeline, it’s helps to get through the day, to read and chat with others who are suffering the same.
Steph x


Hello Louise7,
I can only concur with everything Stephtim has said, especially the last paragraph. I’m very sorry but that’s basically it in a nutshell.
We have to endure this absolute heartache, why? I’ll probably never know. Wishing you and everyone else peace. Bx

Hi Louise,
I can’t imagine how you feel, I’m trying to come to terms with the loss of my husband we where married for four years and had been together for 7 years xx it has left such a massive void in my life and I am just trying to get by day to day xx
Just posting on here now and again helps , as people understand how we are feeling , from one Louise to another , post , share and together we get through xxx