The loss of my mum

I’m really struggling with the sudden death of my mum. She had a blood clot that caused a cardiac arrest. An ambulance crew managed to revive her and got mum to hospital but she sadly died a few hours later. I can’t get over how sudden it was and how she must have felt in her final moments. My mum was early 60s. How do you begin to process this ?

I’m so sorry about your loss, my Mum passed 6 weeks ago at just 50 years old and I don’t know what she passed with. I’m sorry but I can’t answer how to process it all as I am to struggling.

Just wanted you to know that, I’m right there with you on this awful journey.

Message me if you need to, it helps me when I can help others for some reason x

I’m so sorry that you are on this awful journey too. Thank you for your message. I’m
Sorry you don’t know what happened either. That must be awful for you x

It hasn’t been easy all I want to know is that she didn’t suffer and wasn’t even aware :frowning:

I have to wait for the coroners to get back to me about the cause, it’s just a painful waiting game.

I feel like a lost little child even though I still have my dad which I love but always felt a close bond with my mum :heart:

Life juse doesn’t feel the same anymore does it :pensive:

Six weeks is a long time. I hope you get some peace soon. It’s not fair. I’m sorry it’s taken so long.

It’s so hard isn’t it

Yes very, I just wish I could help you in some way, it’s just awful and I’m sorry x

Message me any time if you need to talk. Take care x

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