the loss of my wife

it’s been 12 of the hardest weeks of my life since my passed away,my emotions have been running wild,since my wife passed iv’e had my birthday,my wifes birthday,next 2nd nov will be our 20th wedding anniversary which i plan on having her ashes laid to rest,there just seems no light at the end of the tunnel


Hi Steve,
i lost my wife too in May, I have found it so hard to cope, feeling lost and lonely, So I have decided to go to a bereavement group meeting on Wednesday, I am worried how I will cope with talking to strangers about how I feel.
My family have been so supportive, but they too are still grieving so it may help being with total strangers.
I hope you start to feel better soon and be able to cope better


hi melvyn thank you for reply,i’m still trying to find a group meeting in bristol but seems there is a long waiting list

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to me the best people to talk to are the ones who are going through it or have been through it,i have a mass of friends But unless they have been through it they dont know they mean well but its not the same,I would not be without them


I am with you in your grief, so sorry for your loss. Two weeks ago my wife of nearly 40 passed away, last week my mum also left us. It is all do raw, everything hurts. Family and friends are great but only those who have experienced this loss truly understand. I too am in Bristol, where is the group meeting, I haven’t found one yet.

sorry for your loss i also looking for a support group spoke to cruze but there is a waiting list,there must be one out there somewhere

Hi Steve, my wife died in April, one month short of our Golden Wedding.
I was really blessed when a group of relatives and friends, just came and sat with me (or phoned),they just just asked how I’m doing, then just listened quietly as I opened up to them about how it feels. Not once did any of them tell me they know how I feel, nor did they give me advice unless I asked for it. When I was alone, feeling deeply emotional, I just knew they CARED!!, and I could give them a call if I needed it! None of them have lost a partner, so they didn’t know how it feels, they just cared and brought along buckets of love and empathy. People who just want to change the subject to take your mind off it dont help do they
After 5 months my new life is on track, I get a lot of enjoyment from it, smile when I think of her (with an odd tear), doing lots of new things. So there really IS light at the end of the tunnel, how long the tunnel is depends on how positive you are plodding along your own journey. I couldn’t see an end to it in the first month or two, but believe me it’s there.
Battle on and good luck.


Thank you for that

This Sue Ryder bereavement group helps at bit, try the losing a partner group

Thank you, yes your right this site is ok But I feel I need more,But at least we have put one foot on the first step,i will try losing a partner group
Thank you for that IanL