The love of my life has gone

I feel so alone, the sudden unexpected death of Terri has left me devastated. I cannot stop crying and it hits me for no reason. I feel totally alone she was my first serious girlfriend and we married and were so happy. I cannot ever dream of living a normal life again. Writing this I have tears streaming down my face and its been a month now but seems like yestetday

Hi Jon. I’m so sorry to hear of your loss. I know it’s the old stock phrase but on this site it has a lot more meaning because we all have been where you are now.
Of course things will never be the same again, but we often can adjust and live with grief. As time passes you may find some relief on reading posts on this site from those who have or are learning to cope. It may seem impossible for you at the moment and it is early days.
Crying is no problem. Let it come; let all the emotions come. It will be with you for a while and the process of grief is perfectly natural. I doubt any words have much meaning for you now, they may later.
It all seems so unfair that sometimes at the peak of happiness we are cast into despair. There are no immediate answers to all this. Maybe one day we will know.
In the meantime do your best. It’s all you can do and although it’s a lot to take in at the moment, give yourself time. Look after yourself. It’s so easy to neglect our own welfare when in this situation. Come back and tell us how things go for you. There is always a listening ear here and you are far from alone. Blessings.

Hi Jon I am terribly sorry for the lost of your wife Terri,I lost my wife Jane last November after 43 of marriage I to cry for my lost Jane even after these last 11 months,things you did together are the most upsetting I am now alone without Jane not lonely she was all I ever wanted and needed in my life,she would possibly say she was the only one who would put up with me.
I am now on my own aged 70 no real relatives so not a lot going for me ,I assume you are a lot younger than me it is a short time for you I have not tried to get help for my grief but for you I am sure there is plenty of help in your time of need even if just talking to people on this site who may be able to assure you better than I can.
Try to keep the memories of your Terri by you all the time she is still there with you as I know my Jane definitely is YES I am a believer in afterlife.
Don’t be afraid of crying it is just another symptom of our grief I have every day as possibly all on this site.
Kind regards and hope you find some kind of peace MM69

Thank you

hi Jon sorry for your loss .im in no real position to offer much solace as im going through similar feelings,my lover best friend soulmate Jayne left this mortal coil in feb this year and ive not be coping to well at all.theres not a day gone by when ive not cried whilst thinking about this wonderful lady who fulfilled every thing a man could ever want in a lady.i had to deal with Jaynes not so nice parents and brothers who showed me no comfort or help in any way at all.i was even forced from the home I shared for 20 years we were together 28 years.some so called friends tell me just carry on how Jayne would of wanted you real help as all I want is to be with Jayne.i hope you find a way to get through all the hurt your feeling and maybe you will find a way.

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