The New Year

Not looking forward to the New Year, I have already said I lost my dear wife in July this year, after four days of my wife passing her brother died suddenly, and in the last few weeks an uncle who I lived with back in the 60/70s died, not been a good for me, I spent my first Christmas without my dear wife sat on my own didn’t speak or see anyone, so fed up now, I find it very hard to speak to people about my wife, I just break down if I do, I took care of her for lot of years till she died in my arms, we very very close together a long time


@Hawk59 you have been through so much and I am so sorry for your losses. You are here in a safe place when you feel ready to talk about your dear wife and share your thoughts and feelings.
Take care of yourself. X

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@Hawk59. You and I spent our Christmas in similar fashion. Totally alone. I lost my beloved husband of 52 yrs in Aug. I cry everyday, but he is worth every single tear. Christmas was unbearable. I read that grief is the courage to step forward in a life that feels like it’s ended. Well life as we knew it has ended. I witnessed courage in my husband as he had Alzheimer’s and tried so hard, but watching him fight the loss of mental and intellectual abilities and then the inevitable loss of his physical body, well I have no words. Even though we are alone, we have this site. Here people understands our pain.
I am praying for peace in my life and I do the same for you and others on this site.

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