The News

I can’t take it any more. Every time I look at BBC News on my phone or switch on the TV, I feel so stressed. Nothing but threats and miserable events. Even the weather is now used to terrify us. I just cannot take it any more. This pandemic has brought me to my lowest ebb ever, I was already very depressed. Now I hate life and look forward to it’s end. I am not suicidal but I certainly do not value this life any more.
I feel there is nothing to look forward to but struggle to survive. The media ought to think what they are doing to peoples’ mental health as they exaggerate and sensationalise every little thing.


I very rarely watch the news now, sometimes just catch the headlines and just turn over. X


Agree with Debbie. Don’t bother with the news. I don’t watch it or buy a paper anymore.
I am so sorry the news has upset you so much and I agree the media don’t care what it is doing to peoples lives. I know there are a lot of people that feel as you do, so hang in there.
We are all struggling in our own way but life is really a gift even if it doesn’t feel like it at the moment.

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I agree too, I never watch the news, soaps I’m not watching anymore as their depressing. X

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When I watch, all I see is danger, risk, threat. Words like that. If words and messages are repeated frequently and for a long time, they have an effect. Every advertiser knows.

I just can’t bear it any more. Yet I feel anxious if I don’t keep myself informed. That could mean vulnerability through ignorance.

To help yourself you must STOP watching the news and anything that depresses you. The media are trying to brainwash the public, which you have sensibly realised and I decided during lockdown I was going to keep well away as I was sick of hearing about Covid. Now it’s continually about the cost of living going up as if we don’t know this already!!!You won’t miss much. Or if you must, just take a quick look at the headlines and then walk away. If you want to watch TV then look at something easy and which will take your mind off what is going on in the world.
Take care

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I haven’t watched the news since I lost mmy darling husband 21 months ago. Just a minute or two sometimes and then turn TV ofc or change channels. Wwe would never miss the one o’clock news bulletin as we had lunch, and the 8pm one during supper, but now I just don’t care what happens in the world. I get notifications on my tablet anyway, and that’s more than enough for me.
My kids are fed up with it too, we prefer downloading films and TV series from internet, . Apart from not wanting to hear bad news all the time, it just reminds me of the fact that the world is still moving on, everyone going on holiday, without my soulmate being here to share this. Who cares now, about the upcoming general political elections, (I’m in Italy)? I didn’t even know that the Ukraine War was still going on. I used to watch all the political programmeswith my beloved, we would joke and discuss together, I can never ever do that again. Hurts too much, so I need to watch fictional stuff from internet, to take my mind off this devastation I have in my heart.

I also never watch the news since my soulmates died. Life is stressful and watching throws makes it more so. I already feel my warm secure feeling I had when my baby was here has gone and the news compounds the fear. Life isn’t the same and never will be. I no longer feel carefree I feel anxious and stressed I hope one day this will change and will remember he happiness we shared and not feel afraid all the time x