The only thing that’s helped me understand

Hey all, this forum has been a huge source of support for me since losing my loves. This is my first post but I’ve been checking in for a long time and hearing all about your losses has helped me make sense of mine.

I wanted to share something I found just before Christmas that has been the only thing to really help me understand what’s happening to me. It’s a talk about how to cope with grief but it also explains what grief is. Much of these last 4 years I’ve thought I’ve been going mad and I’ve lost a lot of people in my life because they just didn’t get it…or didn’t want to get it.

Anyway this talk helped me breathe a sigh of relief because it helped me realise that what I’m feeling is totally normal.

I hope it helps some of you too. Merry Christmas all.

I see you can’t post a link but if you search you tube for “coping with grief after a bereavement Oxford” I think you can find it.


Hi Jean_Jeanie_67

Welcome to the community. I’m sorry to hear about your loves, and glad that the community has been a comfort.

Thank you for sharing this resource, there’s no ‘normal’ when grieving and I’m sure sharing different resources, experiences and thoughts is a comfort. :blue_heart:

Take care,

Hello @Jean_Jeanie_67

Thank you for sharing the info, I have just watched the podcast…it was very good/helpful.

Take care x

So glad it was helpful for you too. I just don’t think anyone really explains how it’s gonna feel and it often feels like no one can help so it was a comfort for me at least to know that there is a science to it and there is hope for starting to feel less destroyed

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