The pain it’s so much I forget to breathe.

I lost my daughter while she was still a part of me I was 21 weeks pregnant. She died and I feel so empty and sad all the time now and everyone expects me to be ok . I don’t know if I will ever be ok ever again . I have a 5 years old son that I have to be strong for but it’s so hard . Me and her dad are over as things were bad but her death was to much to deal with .
I feel like I died with her but I could walk out of the hospital and had to leave her in the morgue.
The pain is so much to deal with all the time and nothing can make it go away ever .


Hello @Ersida, I’m so sorry for the loss of your daughter. Although we can’t take away the incredible pain you are feeling, I wanted to let you know that you’re not alone and you’ve been heard.

Are you getting any support with your grief? Sands supports families who have lost a child before birth - they also have a free helpline that you can call.

Thank you for bravely sharing your feelings here. Please do keep reaching out to us, we are here for you.

Take care

Hi luv I know exactly how you feel I lost my daughter Katie full term I had to give birth to her it absolutely crucified me but it took me some yrs to learn to live with loosing her but this year In Jan I lost my 25 yr old Leah to breast and liver cancer yet again I’m devastated lost and truly a mess but please keep coming on here and getting the support it does help. Shellyanne XX :heavy_heart_exclamation:

I am so sorry you lost your baby just know we are here for you and it was not your fault