The Power of Love

Yesterday I bought a drinks coaster and a ring/earring dish, both with the letter D on (D for David). I am completely obsessed and still besotted with my man. Everywhere I look in our home there is a photo or some other memento. He completely surrounds my world, inside and out and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Isn’t love powerful? Isn’t love beautiful?


Certainly the most powerful emotion of them all.That’s why it can never be destroyed.Just get’s stronger and stronger xx

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Hi Kate, yes, love is so very beautiful. Realisation as to just how powerful love is…the golden thread that bound us will take some untangling…not that I want to be free, like you, he remains my everything.
I can remember the saying 'Love Is" … Love is…forever and a day, xx

I asked for 1 Corinthians 13 to be the reading at Eileen’s Funeral. I am normally a bit precious about this passage, preferring the Authorised Version which refers to Faith, Hope and Charity.

However, most later versions render “charity” as “love.” Going against my usual preference I asked for a later version, as I did not want anybody in the congregation to misunderstand the power of love, which this biblical text celebrates.
Love, and forgiveness, the two most powerful emotions and sentiments.

Hello Edwin. I too had the reading 1 Corinthians 13 at my husband’s funeral. In fact someone said a few days later that they had never been to a funeral so full of love.

That is nice.

Yes, totally agree Crazy Kate. I love my Ian more than ever, and love to surround myself with his pics and things.
Julie xx

The power of love
A force from above
Cleaning my soul
Flame on burn desire
Love with tongues of fire
Purge the soul
Make love your goal.

(Holly Johnson)

The power of love is a curious thing
Makes a one man weep makes another man sing
Change a heart to a little white dove
More than a feeling,that’s the power of love

Huey Lewis

I feel that Roy is within me still guiding me and advising me,today I feel so close to him.I am mentally and physically in a bad state at the moment but I can feel him willing me to hang in there,I feel close to breaking but I do think he is keeping me just about floating.This is the last line from a beautiful poem that my counsellor gave me,it has me in bits every time I read it,but I think worth sharing:Be still.Close your eyes.Breathe.Listen for my footfall in your heart.I am not gone but merely walk within you. xxx

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Oh my goodness Corinna, I had those very words etched on the back of my husband’s headstone so I can see them when I’m sitting on the bench. The poem in its entirety is beautiful and not sure if you know that it comes from a novel called ‘The Smoke Jumper’ by Nicholas Evans. But that last line… wow!

Oh what a coincidence and no I didn’t know where it was from,thankyou for that,would you recommend reading the book? xx

Nicholas Evans also wrote the Horse Whisperer, to give you some idea who he is. I have bought the book myself on the strength of the poem but haven’t yet read it. YorkshireLad, I believe, also bought the book - I wonder if he has read it yet??? Worth asking for a review. X

Sorry but I haven’t read it yet as I’ve 3 non fiction books on the go. It’s on a pile next to my bed and I think I may take a work of fiction with me when I go away on Tuesday. Which one partly depends on tomorrow’s meeting of the Crime Readers Book Club.
I actually skimmed through the book looking for the poem and some context but couldn’t find it. I could do with some respite from non fiction as I’m supposed to be reviewing two of them and that detracts from any pleasure. I will put it on top of my bag and then it will remind me.

Ok,thankyou xx

Hi Kate
Yes it is but it can be a double edged sword, I to have done similar and just recently have had keyrings made with my favourite picture of Suzzane and also a small canvas however try as I might I cannot keep Suzannes picture on my phone for more than a few days … strange but it’s to overwhelming x

I can identify with this. I’ve stopped using images of my wife on the phone as wallpaper. They are still in the gallery and I look at them if and when the time is right.
For a few weeks I’ve been trying to draw the perfect portrait of my wife. To do that I have to study every little detail and then commit pencil to paper. Some days I can’t do it and other days it just flows. I think it’s something anyone could do with patience and it’s not as harsh as a photo. It’s more a personal representation of how I feel about her.

I also have them in the gallery … you’ve made me smile which happens rarely I can just imagine Suzanne laughing if I attempted to draw her it would be a stickman picture I’m afraid … Thank you

Lots of people say that about the stickperson. I always ask if that’s how they see people. I still believe anyone that can move from looking to seeing can create a realistic image. It’s also quite an intense experience in the case of a loved one. I’m glad you got a smile out of it.

Jonathan’s recent post entitled ‘LOVE’ reminded me of this thread from last year. Most of the people no longer post but it was good to be reminded of them. I hope they’re doing ok. After re-reading it I realise that I still feel the same. David still surrounds my world inside and out and still I wouldn’t have it any other way. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Isn’t love powerful? Isn’t love beautiful? :heart:

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