The Queen and my Mum

The passing of the Queen has brought back every emotion of losing my Mum in March, feeling sad, and very sick emotionally drained. I just can’t believe another lovely person has left us,
I know that both my Mum and the Queen was a good age but I know how the Royal family feel.


Dear @Katz

She was our Queen but also a mother and granny. All of us can identify with this and know the pain and grief that the Royal Family are going through right now. Very sad and surreal for everyone.

Please take.


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I’m in shock too a few hours before her passing she looked so well yes she was using a waking stick but she managed to do her duty however as she was under observation by a doctor from what she died of we will never know

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Hi @Katz, thank you for sharing how you’re feeling. When a public figure dies, the news can elicit a range of emotions. There is no right or wrong way to feel.

We have a page on grieving for a public figure which can talk you through some of what you may be experiencing right now. You can read it here:

We are all here for each other, please do keep reaching out and take care,