The Special Times We Shared (Poem)

To my darling Alan xx

We shared so much happiness
In times of yesterday
And to say how much I miss you
I could never find a way.

I wish with all my heart
That you were here with me
And we could share the laughter
That there always used to be.

I know we’ll meet again
In another life elsewhere
And those very special times
We once again will share.


Thank you for sharing your poem. Lovely words. Take care.


@sad2 hello sad that is beautiful. I know one day we will be reunited with our lost loves.

Thank you Casey.
I really hope so. That’s all I have to look forward to now.
Take care x

Sad 2
Lovely poem,so hope we will all be reunited with our loved ones when our time comes can’t believe I will never see my husband again

Take care

Christine x

Thanks for those beautiful words. S xxx

Hi Christine and Susie
Thank you.
It’s been 53 weeks today that Alan died and it feels like yesterday.
A day hasn’t gone by that I’ve not cried. Time definitely isn’t a healer.
Take care
Joan xx

It’s been 19weeks today since my husband passed away
I still find it hard to believe he’s not coming back I didn’t think anyone could have so many tears,I agree time will never heal this loss
I am so anxious all the time,lost and struggling without him

Take care

Christine x

Hi Christine
I’m so sorry for the loss of your husband. 19 weeks is no time at all. I can feel your heartache.
After 53 weeks without Alan, it still doesn’t feel real. I hate this new normal life now,
I’m still sending him daily e-mails! I just hope he gets to read them somehow up there in Heaven.
Stay strong.
Joan x

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Beautiful poem