The wrong coffin

Got call from my local Coop funeralcare two days before the funeral that somehow the (willow) coffin I had selected for my beloved to be cremated in was not ordered! My contact apologised profusely but it still does not make up for the fact that he will now be cremated in one of the wooden coffins neither of us liked the look of when he was alive.

I mean, how can you overlook something like this?!

The funeral is costing over £5000 and I used the Coop because they are meant to be reliable. Well, I thought they would be.

I am putting an official complaint through. It is really not good enough, especially when I am already in pieces with grieving for him.

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Hello, I am sorry sorry to read your post and if it was me I too would have been furious. Why someone can’t get these things done properly I don’t understand. I hope when it’s over you may be able to forgive and at some timein the future forget. It’s totally senseless. I am thinking of you, take care. S xxx

@SSTC22 so sorry to hear about your experience I can’t imagine how I would feel in this situation! Sending lots of love and hugs xx

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How awful for this to happen. I’m sure this is something you could do without at an already difficult time.
In the long run this set back will not change things, nothing can bring back our loved ones or help our loss, but I completely get how upsetting this is for you. Be kind to yourself and try not to dwell too much on this set back. I’m sure the rest of the funeral will go well and you will feel a relief when it is done.

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