These are lovely words

I saw this recently and found the words to be beautiful and strangely comforting. It is better than the ubiquitous " I am in the next room" verse, because this is totally believable.,
“Be still - close your eyes - breathe.
Listen for my footfall in your heart.
I am not gone, but merely walk within you”


I read something similar today in a magazine:

“Though I may seem far away,
we never truly part.
A part of me lives with you,
forever in your heart.”


Lovely words from both of you :heart:


How lovely. Words do help. At times I find loss overwhelming, then just a few words like this help with perspective. Thanks for sharing.

Those words made my heart ache, they`re so very, very touching :cry:

Just a few words like that can so often mean more than a whole book. Thank you so much.

Thank you for the comforting words, they are very true.

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