These few words in a song from long ago sums up everything I feel.

My eyes are much better so I am glad to be back again. I was thinking of everyone going through this time of the year and hope you all managed to get through it. What once used to be the best part of the year for myself and my late husband has turned into the most miserable part of it. I don’t know if some of you older people like me who are on this forum can remember the Likely Lads, a TV show back in the 60’s and 70’s. Well I was listening to the soundtrack today and it summed everything up in a few words. (Whatever happened to you whatever happened to me, what became of the people, we used to be. Today is almost over, the time went by so fast, the only thing to look forward to…is the past. There was a time, when time didn’t matter, only the time of day.) The words are so very true, that is all many of us have left, memories of our lives in the past. Now it is nearly New Years Eve, I get so emotional because it means tomorrow will be another long year without my husband and I have once again to find the strength to face it. I will be thinking of everyone starting a new year without their loved ones. Love to you all, Sheila xxx

Hi Sheila

Welcome back - we’ve missed your posts. I remember The Likely Lads so well and agree with you about the song. The words that have been going round in my head the last couple of days are from a song I haven’t thought about in years. An old Jonny Nash song from 1975 " tears on my pillow, pain in my heart, you on my mind".

Like you it feels strange going into a New Year without my husband Geoff. I feel like I have to move on but don’t want to.

Thinking of you and everyone else in our position tonight.

Yvonne X

Hello Yvonne and thank you for your kind words. I totally agree, there are so many songs from our past when we were happy and thought we had forever, but now the lyrics say everything about the way we are feeling. This will be the fourth new year for me since my husband died and I will be honest, it has not got any easier and like you I should be moving on but can’t or don’t want to, I just want him back. I went to bed at 9 pm tonight hoping to miss the New Years celebrations entirely but the fireworks are going off early and have kept me awake so I have got up and at 12 o’clock will make a toast to my husband like we always did for so many, many years. This is the first New years eve that I will be on my own since I was born in 1943. One of our son’s new baby is due anytime now so they are staying at home and our other son is with his new partner so I told them not to travel all the way to me for just one night. In a way I am glad I am alone, I feel as if it is just me and Peter again like it was for so many other New Year eves. Yes Yvonne like you I am also thinking of everyone else going through this terrible heartache. Good night and God bless to everyone. Sheila xxxxx

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