They are with you ALWAYS!

I feel some people out their who are about to or thinking of taking their own life’s to be with their passed loved one. I am here to tell you that suicide is not an option if you want to see your loved one again because god said all those who take their own life’s go else where. Not hell or any where like that I just mean somewhere else. We have to live our lives first and I promise you all that your loved ones are with you Always now and forever. Please believe me. I wish you all to find strength and casting my tinkerbel spell for you to love yourself and find happiness again. Life is too precious to waste. I love you all. Xxxxx Tinkerbel. X


Hi Tinkerbel. Well, you can cast a Tinkerbel spell over me when you like. I’m all for anything that can lift me up.
I have said in previous posts that I do believe no one goes anywhere other than where they are now, which is always with us. Because we seem not to have access to this dimension in which they are, does not mean it’s not there.
Yes, life is far to precious to waste. I have said that those who lose a child, even a grown up one, would give anything for the years we have left.
I am always uplifted by the feeling of what my wife would have wanted. She loved life and nature and enjoyed it as much as she could.
So I shall soldier on. I have made some good friends on here for which I am eternally grateful.
Take care. Love to you too. XX


God bless you. I do so hope that your wise words will help those that feel that they are on the edge of nothing and give them the strength to carry on and remember their loved ones with love and happiness, if not now but in the future. It’s a long hard road to nowhere at the moment but together we will get there. xxx

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I do hope your words help some who are feeling that way, but I’m afraid your words have sadden me, I lost my husband three months ago so I’m very tender at the moment anyway,
I lost my mum when I was 17 over 50 years ago now she was only 47 my dad looked after me and my two sisters and brother on his own.
What saddens me about your words is that my dad at the age of 73 committed suicide we found out after that he had cancer and couldn’t deal with it, the only comfort I got over the years is that he is with my mum so hard to think he’s not now


I appreciate your thoughts and good wishes but I can’t agree with you about suicide.
Everyone has a right to choose whether they live or die.
A lot of people who commit suicide don’t want to die they just can’t bear the life they have been left with or what the future holds for them.
Linda who responded to this post lost her father to suicide. Its heart breaking for her father and her family and I’m sure the decision was not made lightly.
I don’t believe in God or an afterlife and neither do many other people.
If there was a God he wouldn’t inflict this suffering in us all.
Many people reach a point where living is unbearable and they shouldn’t be condemned for taking the only way out they can find.
It is such a sad end to a person’s life but in recent months I’ve witnessed even sadder ends from people who’ve suffered for months.
SOBS is an organisation for people who suffer from the stigma of suicide. There shouldn’t be a stigma attached to it we don’t live in the dark ages. They and their families should have our support and understanding.
If anyone can find happiness again after their losses they are very fortunate. Jx


Maybe I should not have wrote it. I think I will cancel out the message. I truly don’t want to hurt anyone. I had just seen on here about someone who wanted to end it all and I couldn’t find where she had wrote it. I also have tried suicide twice. Both times I came through. It certainally is a mental state of doing so and no one dose suicide to be selfish, it just happens. I am truly sorry for your loss and if I upset you then please forgive me. Sending you live. Tinkerbel xxxx

Tinkerbel, don’t worry I think everyone on this site knows that you didn’t want to upset anybody and wanted to help others.
We are all different people, what helps one person upsets another.
Wishing you well at this sad time. Jx


exactly two months after Alan passed his beloved cockatiel escaped, I have written before that Monty was almost 22 and was struggling to fly any distance, I still maintain he had a heart attack.thet night and fell into the overgrown garden of an empty house that was up for sale, that morning I had been to see my solicitor to draw up my will and arrange lasting power of attorney, the following day I was at rock bottom and did not want to be here. had I have finalised all my legal documents,the state I was in, I would not be here now, I just wasn’t thinking rationally. I kept feeling useless, inadequate, the thought that Alan had only been gone 8 weeks and I couldn’t even look after his bird properly. obviously I didn’t do anything, but not because i saw sense, far from it. I kept pleading with Alan to come for me. from a very early age I have been able to see, hear and sense spirit and the last.tome inward pleading.with Alan to come for me, I heard his reply very clear and concise… he said he will come for me when it is my time but he is not permitted to come for me if it’s forced… i knew that had i forced my departure from this world, i wouldn’t have been with Alan as I would have been taken to a lower level in the spirit world, I just wasn’t thinking straight, and knowing what I know my grief overshadowed my commonsense.

so please take on board this and the message tinkerbell has posted. forcing your departure from this world is not the answer in addition it brings far more heartache and grief to those left behind.

4 years ago my niece opened the bedroom door after taking a nap and found.her husband hanging from the stairwell, two days after his funeral,. she attempted to take her own life,.thankfully her father,.my brother. found her in time and she was sectioned. then in 2017, two years and two days from finding her husband she killed herself. this has had a devastating effect for all the family and all her friends, and she had so many really true.and good friends, sadly her grief was.far too deep.

as previously written, please try to overcome this feeling and if possible seek support from every possible outlet available.

take care everyone

truly hope today is an improvement on yesterday and tomorrow is an improvement on today ,

Jen ☆

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When Brian died I too thought there was nothing left for me. I decided to sort out all the paperwork, will, house, make sure my dogs were alright and not leave problems for my family and give myself six months then I would be able to go… At the four month stage I was taken ill and never having been ill before this was a shock for me. It was a wake-up call as I then realised I didn’t want to leave this world. Like everyone else I struggle at times but now determined to seek out that light and live with my grief and do the best I can with my life which I have decided is precious.
My Auntie committed suicide and she had a six year old son who grew up never knowing his mum.
A couple of weeks ago a young family man committed suicide in our local cemetery (where Brian is). It makes me so sad to see the flowers and messages by the gates. If only someone could have helped him. Now his wife, children, family and friends are left to suffer.
There are many different opinions on this subject and I don’t think anything has been said that could cause offence. We are all trying to help each other in our own way.


Life is precious…I lost a son to suicide, and a husband to cancer…and as disconnected as I feel from everything much of the time, I too, tell myself that I don’t want to leave this world, not yet. It is a gift that I was taking for granted. Che would want me to fight for my survival. He would want me to use all the skills and knowledge he passed on to me through the years. He wouldn’t want me to be so sad all my life. So now I know how precious life is, I’m working toward that light as well…I know it is there and one day we will reach it…

In my healthy days, I was Deputy Director of our local Samaritans and it is my opinion that committing suicide is one of the most courageous things anyone can do. In my experience, people who are driven to this drastic action, are so unhappy they want out of this very painful life. Maybe because of my experiences in the Samaritans, I have a more tolerant outlook, I don’t know. Well said, Jonathan, I love reading your posts. MaryL

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In my healthy days, I was Deputy Director of our local Samaritans and it is my opinion that committing suicide is one of the most courageous things anyone can do. In my experience, people who are driven to this drastic action, are so unhappy they want out of this very painful life. Maybe because of my experiences in the Samaritans, I have a more tolerant outlook, I don’t know. Well said, Jonathan, I love reading your posts. MaryL

Everyone on the face of this earth has the right to have their own beliefs and respect the views of others and this forum reflects all our diversities!
I think that many of us who have lost loved ones feel the need for God more now than ever before…I believe we are all much more aware and compassionate of the needs of others than we once were and that is actually our love…and God’s love for us… living on in another form. None of us can be sure of what happens when we leave this earth and it is not up to us to judge the actions of others…rather we can rest assured that the God who loves us so much that He allowed us to know and love the ones for whom we now grieve would never separate us in the life to come…it is not the manner of anyone’s death which may be judged but the contents of our hearts.
Sometimes the light we are all looking for seems lost in the darkness but it is there waiting for us to find it.
Take heart…all will one day be well.x

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I would not want to get involved in a discussion about suicide. I doubt few of us have not given it some thought even if only a fleeting one.
A mother who loses her 10 year old child would give the world for the years most of us have left. Religion or not, belief or not, life is still precious.
But having said that I can understand how some may feel when told they may have only a short time left, or have lost someone who was very close. The bottom drops out of their world. No need to tell you guys that!
None of us are the same. Everyone of the billions of people on Earth is different. There can be no rules or rights or wrongs with personal emotions and feelings.
They say suicide is so often a cry for help. Maybe. It’s a very difficult subject because everyone will have a different view.
Amelie’sgran is so right. It is indeed the contents of our hearts by which we will be judged. But so often we judge ourselves erroneously.
A story comes to mind that I remember from years ago. A man committed suicide becuse he was told he had inoperable cancer. At the autopsy it was found he had no such thing. We must be very careful about making judgments.
And Tinkerbel, I’m still waiting for that spell!!!
Love and light.

I too shan’t get into a discussion on suicide although having PP-MS i was aware of one lady who walked her dog and once enjoyed life who had the same as me MS which only gets worse as hers did, her profession had been a clinical psychologist… that she decided on Switzerland’s Dignitas…her story was heartbreaking when i read it…sadly this lady is here no more…This lady was 68 same age as me now…Her newspaper story was April 2016…she too had been living here in Dorset…However we feel about the rights and wrongs, or in agreements or disagreements of ending ones own life, as they say, " we need to walk a mile in ones shoes…"


Correction to the Idiom of…" walk a mile in someones else’s shoes…" before we make judgement on the rights or wrongs, this was this ladies personal choice and i am sure she did not come to this decision lightly, her hubby did not want her to go, yet i am sure he was backing her decision as this was her choice… Another sad part to this ladies story was her dog was also suffering bad health where she made the choice of ending her dogs life just before her life came to an end, a very sad sad story indeed…


i would just like to add, this ladies quality of life was very badley affected and she had deteriorted, many of us on the ther ahnd still have our health ( not me i must mention ) although hard may it seem, our members must ask the question of what their partner-hubby or wife would have wanted from the other partner, would they have wanted their partner to carry on with a future, i am sure most of our partners would have said a yes to that question…as they say, " life is too short ." it really is shorter than we give it credit for…
Apologies for the three consecutive postings from me…

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