They don't want me to talk about him

A new hurt. At a group meeting recently I spoke about David, my late husband, just repeating some iancident of amusement, only to be met with frozen faces and hearts. They didnt want to know. How hurtful. For me his existance is my history and my life. For them he was just to be eradicated, I suppose he reminded them of their mortality. How sad.
Love to all grievers.

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So sad to read this about the reaction you had…
It’s as though people divide themselves into two camps and think it will never happen to them… I hope you have people who you can talk about your husband with. People with empathy and warmth.
Take care


So sorry to hear this Tricia, it’s not nice. I have experienced the same thing on a few occasions, the awkward silence, heads turning away etc, initially it got me down. On the last occasion which was only a couple of week ago. I was telling a funny story about hubby to some work colleagues. The atmosphere changed again, so I just carried on, I no longer care my hubby existed and won’t be forgotten however uncomfortable that is for some. I think the more we do it then it will get less awkward, because I wont be stopping anytime soon. Take care x


Your post touched me so much…
Why not tell this forum about the memories you have with your husband, if that would help?
I think alot of people would love to hear them,… me included.
You were together for such a long time, and it might help just a little to ease some of the awful pain that you are going through…
My heart goes out to you.
You knew true love, and not many can say that.