Think of you every day

Not a day goes by when I don’t think of you
And all the things that we could do
When it raining outside I wonder why you are not near
The now the future is what I fear
Isolating on your own is sad
but if you were here it would not be so bad.
I see you in my mind but we can’t have a talk
Or even take the dogs out for a walk.
I have so many things to say.
I want to tell you this every day
Oh grateful I am having had you in my life
Best moment treasured is become your wife
Thank you for the lovely life together
Our home and family and I will love you forever.


Hi Sugar it’s very hard 3 months since my husband passed it seems worst every day sorry for your loss. X

Sorry for your loss Kim. I cannot get all this emotion out of my mind and I cry all the time from the memories we had . I only have to looked at photos and I cry as they now only remind me of thing we will never do again. He was only 60 we thought we had so much more time. I do not have to worry about talking to friends about this because I don’t have any. I would find it very hard to explain to them how I feel any way. My children live away I don’t wish to burden them with my problems as they have there own life and are grieving too. I understand exactly how you feel as I feel the same

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Mick was 64 a young healthy fun going man we had a second home in Bulgaria so have so many friends we meet up with 4 or 5 times a year about 60 of us from all over I can’t face any of them I know I can’t yet they all want to visit when they can they all say it’s never going to be the same with out Mick. I dread going over to our apartment a lot of his things are there he loved the place
I had a few days with Mick before he passed we were able to talk about things which was unreal. It must have been such a shock for you. X

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