Thinking of all the group this Mothering Sunday

Morning to everyone
I just wanted to reach out to all the people that have lost their dear Mum’s and loved ones this coming Sunday Mother’s day.
My first mother’s day in 55 years without my lovely Mum. God i miss you so much Mum. Being there for me on the end of the phone… Shopping for things we didn’t need in charity shops…a pub lunch…a cry…
We laid Mums ashes to rest last Friday. It has been an upsetting time with the family, so it was a bit of closure, burying Mum with her dear Mum and Dad.

This Sunday…i don’t know what I’ll do? Reflect on the wonderful times . The laughs … The parties… Your cooking.

I hope that you can maybe go for a walk and notice signs of new beginnings that surround us, the bulbs pushing their way up through the ground, the forsythia opening their yellow blossom. Even some early cherry blossom and i hope you can take some peace when thinking of your loved ones.

We will get stronger. It will never be the same when we have loved somebody so dearly. But i hope Sunday you can share a smile when thoughts of happier times enter your minds. Thinking of you all.
Happy mothering Sunday to you all. Love Kate x


Ah Kate, your lovely post brought a tear to my eye -it is bittersweet for me, the seasons changing. Mum always liked Spring. She always said that you’re supposed to love the season you’re born in. She was born in October and loved Autumn the most.

I am dreading Mothering Sunday, and have been for weeks. I’m a Mum myself (she’s just turned three) but it’ll never be the same for me. It’ll be my first Mother’s Day in 43 years without my Mum - Mum’s funeral is on Tuesday 28th March, and has been a long time coming, as she passed away on 26th January. My only comfort is the fact that she’s with my Dad.

I will be going for a quiet walk on Sunday, and will try and remember the good times, I’m blocking everything at the moment just to function as there’s so much to do, and I went back to work after a week. I know it’ll all come out on the Funeral day and am dreading that too.

Anyway, this post isn’t all about me (but it did feel good to write things down) wishing everyone that’s in pain through grief a day where they can smile, maybe be a little happier than the day before and hopefully in time it won’t hurt as much. Time is the answer to everything…



Thankyou so much for sharing your feelings, i hope that your final goodbye to your Mum brings a tiny bit of comfort to you.
And also hope mothering Sunday isn’t too hard and you enjoy your time with your little girl. Such a beautiful age, my three loads are grown up and two are abroad so i won’t see them. But hopefully the sun will shine…
Thinking of you…x

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@Kate15 thank you for posting this brought a tear to my eyes to @Banafell and I think that we are all dreading mothers day coming up (52 years for me). If I didn’t need to go out I wouldn’t but my son has a football game. The restaurant that was my mums favourite is closing on Mon we usually go for mothers day but I couldn’t do it. I was going just me and my son on Saturday lunch but her brother, his son and grandkids are coming and we are having a wee toast to my mum (she would have loved that surrounded by her family). Mothers day I will light a candle, raise a glass and play her music for her.
@Banafell there is so much to do before the funeral and getting through that day is difficult but you will find the strength. Give yourself time though after it, I’ve found since then even more difficult.
Take care both. :sparkling_heart:
Valda xx


Oh Kate, so silly but dreading the weekend, roll on monday. Love to you and all alone this weekend xxx


It will be my first Mother’s Day without my Mum, who died suddenly at the end of January. I’ve created a memorial garden pot, filled with spring flowers for her. Some of her ashes are in the soil. I’m planning to change the flowers as the seasons go by. I’m determined to honour my Mum’s memory by celebrating that I was blessed to have her love in my life. It will still be a hard day though…


My heart goes out to you, Rosiepink. My mom died earlier this month and I didn’t realize how badly I would be affected. There are so many reminders around the house that spark off memories of her which bring tears to my eyes and, as I lived with her for over 90 years, is that much harder to cope with. We haven’t had her funeral yet but I daresay we will do something similar to what you have done with the flowers. Lots of love…


We made it! How did everyone cope yesterday?

I took my daughter bowling with her little best friend, and her Mum and Dad had bought me a beautiful pot of flowers with a note that said “Happy Mother’s Day” it was so touching that I broke down crying and shaking. How kind of them. My daughter is too young to get me anything at the moment. But that lovely gesture made my day!

Then I just struggled through the day, avoiding Facebook and all other social media, as every post I saw (even though I was expecting it) felt like a little stab in the heart…

I was so drained by the time I put my daughter to bed, that I too was in bed 30 mins after her at 20.30!

That’s how life has been since Mum has gone. Anyone else feeling positively drained all the time? xx

@Banafell it was tough yesterday I have to say. Its good that you had that distraction during the day.
I was meant to take my son to football he gave me a huge hug and said I can go on my own as know you are missing nana today. I just dropped him and picked him up and one of the parents kept an eye on him. I did get an acknowledgement from her tho, I couldn’t find the dvd of the John Wayne film I was going to watch, not on netflix or anything. So after tea I lit a candle and raised a glass to her and checked TV to see what was on ‘The Sons of Katie Elder’ one of her favourite John Wayne films so I watched that instead and said thanks mum. My son even watched the last hour with me and we talked about what she was like when she watched them over and over. Glad it’s Monday tho and all over, I just have her birthday next month now to get through.
I totally agree with the feeling drained all the time, it’s just an emotional roller-coaster.
Sending hugs to everyone.
Valda xx

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