This Christmas is going to be so hard

Evening to everyone x
This Christmas is going to be so very hard for myself & all of you.
I’m really Dreading it but iv my mum, sister & nephew I need to be strong for.
My dad was such a great dad. We miss him more & more every day.
The pain is unbearable.
We only lost dad middle of August so it’s still so raw.
My husband has been amazing & has been a rock to us. I seriously don’t know what we’d have done without him.

I just want to say I wish you all so much love over Christmas & I really want to
Thank you all for all the support you have given me


Hi @Kerry1.1,

Thank you so much for sharing this with the community :blue_heart: I’m sure someone will be along to offer their support, but I just wanted to let you know that you have been heard and you are not alone.

Take good care,

Thank you Alex
I really appreciate that
Take care :heart:

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Hi Kerry, I’ve just joined the forum, this is my first Christmas without my mum who died in February this year ( my dad died in 2016. ) I got through Christmas day itself by keeping busy but I’ve felt really empty and drained yesterday and today. I’ve been using work as a distraction to help cope with my grief but am not due back at work until next week so I feel a bit adrift right now.

I just wanted to reply to your message to say I hope you’re doing as well as possible.

Evening Mikeville
So sorry to hear about your mum.
It really is a pain you can’t describe.
Iv found so much support on here & it has helped me so much.
We are all here to help you as much as we can.
You can always message me to chat.
Losing a parent is something we never think will happen, it’s so so hard when it does.
My dad loved Christmas. It’s been so hard without him.
Take care & look after yourself & remember I’m always here

Hi Kerry

Thanks for responding. Grief makes you feel alone, and I suppose we all have to go through our grief ourselves to an extent, but looking through this forum you see you are not alone. Thanks for your kind words if you want to post here again about how are you feeling I will respond .

Thank you x

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