This is for Priscilla, Management

Sorry Priscilla, I have just got a pop up box when I was replying to a message I found on the site, it was from you, but it popped up and went away immediately so I could not read it

Before Priscilla comes back may I ask if your computer is OK?
I’m getting messages alright and sending. Do you use Google Chrome? If not download it. It’s better than Explorer and many sites will now only take Chrome or Firefox.
Kind regards.

Hi Jonahan, Yes, I use Google Chrome, always have done. Some pop ups stay for ages until I click on them but what I can’t understand, is why, when they pop up letting me know someone has answered my comments, I do not get email telling me the same. Are pop ups replacing email notifications.

No, email notifications are not being replaced, they are just not working properly at the moment. I’m so sorry about this, as I know it is really hard to keep track of posts without them, but we are working to get them fixed as soon as possible.

I’m not quite sure what you mean by pop-ups? We do now have in-site notifications in addition to email notifications - these are a circle with a number by your profile picture in the far top right of the page. Here’s a picture to show what they look like. Is this what you are referring to?

I think you are referring to the browser notifications popup that only appears briefly in the corner when someone replies and your browser has this forum open in a window. That’s what I see. It’s more like an attention grabber.

Yes, as @Shaun73 says, if you have turned on browser notifications, these will pop up and disappear, but the circle with the number (as in my picture above) will stay, so that is where you click to find the post.

hi Pricilla any chance of please reading the message I sent you.i posted a conversation yesterday,i tried edit and said id deleted and says will disappear in 336 hours can you please ensure it doesnt get delted please.thank you ian

Hi Priscilla, I wonder if the pop ups are to do with my email provider, a little box pops up in the lower right hand side showing that I have an email and giving me the message, and if I get there quick enough it takes me to the website, but otherwise, if I don’t click on the pop up, there are no emails in my email in box. I will just carry on doing what I am doing, checking in on the website to see what new comments are there.

Thank you.


Yes, I was thinking this pop up had something to do with my email browser (but, it has never, ever happened before) BUT, when this pop up appears, and I cannot get there in time to click on it, I check my emails and there are no messages.
I have just received your email and Priscillas too so something has started working okay again, but there were no pop ups telling me I had these messages, So when there is a pop up box, there are no emails but when there isn’t a pop up box there are emails. I think it is time for a large Latte with Baileys cream and a large cream cake.


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Oh my goodness Sheila, now that was really naughty. ‘Baileys cream and a large cream cake’. That’s all I need in the way of encouragement. I must confess to putting on weight since my loss and it will have to stop. Oh well, perhaps not just yet. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:
The sIte can be a bit confusing at times, but I have found the more you use it the more you understand it. (Obviously!!!)
Take care, you will get there. XX

I too always eat when stressing out and since my Peter died five years ago I put on two stone in weight and can’t seem to shift it, I honestly think it is because I don’t go out to dressed up do’s anymore. I gave away so many fancy tops after Peter died, but this year I have been buying them again as from the end of this month I have a very busy December, especially going to St. Anne’s, Blackpool for the week on a Christmas holiday with the church friendship group I attend, luckily my ex friend isn’t going. I have never done this before so I splashed out on some sequined tops. After five years without my Peter, this will be the first December where have something going on from the end of November until New Years day, with different groups I attend and our families homes.

Regarding the website, I will deal with things as they come along, I too am computer literate but some things that are happening makes me wonder if I should throw my laptop in the back garden. So many people that used to post have vanished, but I will stick it out.

No pop up box for your message, but there was an email.


Jonathan and Sheila, you have made me laugh. Becoming frustrated with the forum is no excuse for a cream cake but have to admit nearly thrown the laptop through the window a couple of times. I’m persevering though and plodding along, hoping for the best and keeping it simple. Although I can’t resist having a play around, but frightened everything will go.
Funny thing happened today. I was told to log on again and I dreaded this as it took me two days at the beginning and changed the password four times. I thought. “Here we go again” but I put in my original password and hey presto I was in with no problems, now why couldn’t it have done this last week. I suppose it’s keeping us ‘oldies’ on our toes, perhaps a form of mental stimulation…
Pat xxx

We will get there, I enjoyed my Baileys latte and cream cakes (2), and was watching a film. I am not a drinker and the Bailey’s has gone to me head. May go for a lay down.

Love to all.


Oh dear,I must dig out the Baileys!It’s hiding in the spare room somewhere!:tropical_drink::tropical_drink:

I haven’t bought Bailey’s since Peter died, it was his favourite drink in his milky coffee, squirty cream and marshmallows with a thick straw, so this year I bought the largest bottle I could get, made coffee with squirty cream and marshmallows, raised my giant mug and told him how much I missed and loved him.

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I access this site using my phone and the Sue Ryder app, not sure if this is easier or not but I do find it less cumbersome for me.

hope today is an improvement on yesterday and tomorrow is an improvement on today


Now come on Pat! Do you really need an excuse for a cream cake and Baileys? You can always celebrate something. The coronation of Henry the eighth or an Unbirthday. I don’t need an excuse. I think we all realise how short time can be, so why not. Not to excess mind. Just now and then or, well, perhaps… but we won’t go there.
There, you see, the site can be navigated if we press the right buttons. Hug and Blessings.

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Hi Jonathan and Pat,
I have just been watching the new film, Downton Abbey, with a very large bag of Chocolate buttons and another coffee made with Baileys. This is what Peter and I used to do when it was a dark and dismal day, put on a film, read a book and open some chocolates and have a Baileys coffee. Sweet memories.

Hugs and blessings to you too Jonathan and everyone on the forums.



I don’t know if I’m brave enough to watch that yet.Rob was looking forward to getting the DVD

Peter never watched the historical dramas, he liked things like Heartbeat, Last of the summer wine etc, it took him back to when we were children, now I can’t watch those, every time I hear the Buddy Holly song, Heartbeat, I fill up with tears. It is funny how songs that go back to the 50’s can bring on so much emotion, I think it is because we were just starting out on our lives, we had just started work aged 15 and life was so wonderful, going dancing etc. then meeting the love of our lives made everything perfect.