This is so hard.

I’m struggling today. Mainly with the way in which my mum passed away. A blood clot caused a cardiac arrest. She was fine one minute and the next.

I can’t help thinking how she felt in the last few minutes. How scared she was.

She’s had a tough time of late with her illness that was being managed with medication. She should have received better care from the doctors. I can’t get that out of my head - she had to beg for them to listen to her and they didn’t manage her well at all. The illness affected her mobility so she was in pain every day. She’s suffered for months. But she shouldn’t have died the way she did.

It’s so unfair how she died. I wonder if they managed get better , she wouldn’t have gotten a clot.


5,4,3,2,1, my head if full of what ifs. My mum passed at the beginning of April. She was blue lighted to hospital, long story short she had a hole in her stomach that resulted from breast, bone and eventually stomach cancer that she didn’t even know she had and due to all the cancer her immune system wasn’t strong enough to recover from the operation to fix the hole in her stomach. She knew she had felt very unwell for a long time but she didn’t seek help.

I’m very up and down, I go from one moment thinking she went the best way because the cancer would have been untreatable and going through all of that would have been hell for her and then in the next minute I’m thinking why didn’t she go to the GP and they might have caught it early and been able to treat her.

I know your story is a bit soffits mine as your mum did try to get help.

I also find that on my very low days I imagine what she would say and that would be telling me she’s fine and not to stress on. She would go mad with me!

Big hugs, we are all here to support each other.


Same. Mum would be mad with me too for stressing. That’s what they did though wasn’t it :heart: Thank you for your reply.
I hope you’re coping ok

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Very up and down too. Some days are bad. Others not so bad.

Sorry you’re going through this too. Message me anytime if you need to talk. Look after yourself too x

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I know the feeling mate ,my dad get passed away due to same issue,we didn’t know the problem before ,suddenly it happened , i am hopeless and as a elder child i m responsible for my family. I cant think every minute i wish i had stayed with my dad in his last minutes

So sorry to hear that you are going through the same.
I think the suddenness is what’s so difficult isn’t it.

Look after yourself