This is the loneliest place ever to be...

Hi my husband also died of an aortic dissection and also misdiagnosed he was rushed to hospital from football match he arrived at hospital at 3pm they said they were treating it as heart attack although all they did was an x-ray and blood tests which took hours to come back. He tried phoning me all day as they never contacted me I got there at 8pm five hours since he was admitted to find him on a trolley in the corridor in high dependency all they had done was fill him with morphine he died less than two hours later. I don’t know if anything could have saved him but it’s the fact they never tried. After an inquiry with ombudsman they admitted his vital signs checks had not been done from 3pm until 8pm and I got a written apology their main reason for this and the fact a scan hadn’t been done was they were busy that day. It’s unbelievable what they get away with.i wish you all the best in coming to terms with your loss.

Hi everyone.
It’s been awhile since I’ve been on here.But today I’m feeling very low. I’m off work with a really awful head cold and feeling a bit lonely.And the first Christmas coming up after my dear husband passed.I have a lot of lovely things coming up todo but it doesn’t change the fact that he won’t be here with me. Thinking of you all as I know we are all in the same position.Jeanette.x


Exactly, Jackie. You express my feelings too. My husband was 67 when he died in March last year and I’m 67 now. I’ve just spent a lovely weekend with his old school friends and their wives, who after such a long time are my old friends too now, but it was so bittersweet. Why isn’t my Steve here? After 19 months I still can’t get used to it. I’m lucky to have a busy life and to the world outside it looks like I’m ‘doing well’ but the loneliness never leaves me. I don’t cry as much now but every day I’m aware of not feeling whole any more and wonder if it will ever change.

Take care. xx

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